Sketches:Wisdom from the past for life in the present

Starting in January 2017 on Sunday nights we will be looking at “dead guys” who made a huge impact in the history of the church and lives of Christians everywhere. Each individual has a unique story of what God did in their life and how He used them to shape their context for the kingdom of God.

Pastors, missionaries and churches today are indebted to their steadfastness in the gospel.

The timeless truths we can learn from their biographies provide wisdom from the past for life in the present.


Augustine gave us a theology of will transforming grace that liberates the Christian life by replacing our loves.

Luther left us the utter settledness of God’s favorable verdict over our morally fickle and despair prone lives.

Calvin gave us the majesty of God over every detail of the Christian’s life.

Owen brought us into the joy of loving communion with the triune God.

Bavinck’s legacy is the restorative dimension to divine grace, grace opposed not to nature but only to sin.

Spurgeon gave us in unparalleled language the gratuity of the gospel against a backdrop of an utterly sovereign Lord.

And Edwards has given us the beauty of the Christian life, first of the beauty of God, beauty that comes to tangible expression in Christ and, the beauty of the Christian, who participates in the triune life of divine love. (Dane Ortlund. Edwards on the Christians life.)